1. Belcampo Meat Co
    Grand Central Market. Dry-aged Cheeseburger with bacon when they have it.
  2. Haché Burger
    Silver Lake. OC spot's first store in LA. Go for the Haché or the Habanero.
  3. The Oaks Gourmet Market
    Franklin Village. That pineapple compote sets this apart.
  4. Father's Office
    Suggested by @mokoyfman
  5. Umami Burger
    Truffles on everything. Nuf said.
    Suggested by @dev
  6. 3 Square Cafe by Rockenwagner
    Swiss&Carmelized Onions on Burger on their Pretzel Bun, get truffle fries too!
    Suggested by @willadoor
  7. The apple pan
    Suggested by @benkorell
  8. Stout Burgers and Beer
    Get their namesake burger or the Goombah 🍔🏆
    Suggested by @MissBicks
  9. Franklin & Company
    Not a huge fan of this place, but their burger is fantastic. Great sauce & comes on an English muffin. I prefer it to the burger at the Oaks, even though they share the same management and owners.
    Suggested by @jnardino
  10. Pie 'n Burger
    It's in Pasadena but still.
    Suggested by @stang
  11. Irv's Burgers in West Hollywood
    There's something old school and charming about this burger, like your college buddy grilled it in the backyard. Super lovely staff, very good onion rings too.
    Suggested by @hillarykerr
  12. Republique
    Suggested by @jon
  13. Fresh burger - silverlake: they ground the meat 30 mins before. You can practically hear the cow scream.
    Suggested by @lisamarie
  14. Mexikosher (this is not a joke)
    Suggested by @zkamenetz