1. Matt Saracen > Johnny Manziel
    We love to think we'd root for Saracen in real life. But where is he? Is he Drew Brees?
  2. Lyla doesn't have any kids
    Ignoring her religious stint in season two, this little scamp would have been knocked up in 2.5 seconds in real Texas. Thanks abstinence-only sex ed!
  3. Riggins isn't a raging racist
    He's only potentially racist and only in season one. Maybe not a big improvement but it's something.
  4. Buddy Garetty hasn't run for president even once
    He's an older, more charming Rick Perry. He'd be a shoe-in to lose in the primaries.
  5. Less guns
    Not to mention Landry kills a guy and nothing happens to him. Actually, that sounds exactly like Texas.