1. "Rainy Dayz" - Mary J Blige feat Ja Rule
    Sometimes the Rule don't mind the rain.
  2. "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" - Jennifer Lopez feat Ja Rule
    Let's ride up in the Benz, hair blowing in the wind, sun glistening off my skin.
  3. "Mesmerize" - Ja Rule
    You can understand that my love is pain.
  4. "Girlfriend/Boyfriend" - Blackstreet feat Ja Rule
    You wasn't smart, you started fucking Ja with your heart.
  5. "Always On Time" - Ja Rule
    It's only a sunshower, we've been through worse weather.
  6. "Murder Me" - Ja Rule
    That look in your eyes is like the sunrise when you're fucking me.
  7. "Put It On Me" - Ja Rule
    You're not just my love, you're my homie.