1. The Detroit Tigers
    I haven't watched a non-playoff game in years but I can BS my way through this one for the sake of talking with him.
  2. Movies, mostly Spider-Man
    I once recommended he see Spider-man 2 (Tobey years). He liked it (at least said he did) and has been talking about Spider-Man movies with me ever since. He thought the Tobey ones were better because they were more fun.
  3. How inappropriate Hot Tub Time Machine is
    We watched this together one time and any lull in conversation is generally filled with complaints about the inappropriate humor from this film.
  4. Other Detroit sports teams
    Any of them will do
  5. The fact that he's going to die at some point
    Anytime he does something "big", he likes to tell me that it probably the last time he's going to do it. He may just be making me uncomfortable on purpose.