Let's get some more on here!
  1. La Restaurant Número Uno
    Pupusas and tacos and you're out $6. And you are guaranteed to be the only person in the place.
  2. Froma On Melrose
    Have Francine make you the Alpino sandwich. Perfection.
  3. The Parks Finest Barbeque
    Filipino barbeque, which is a phrase I can't wrap my head around. Go on Wednesdays and get the Worker Wednesday Special, which gives you a little bit of everything for $10.
  4. Machos Tacos
    Don't order anything but the pollo tacos, because everything else is kinda gross.
  5. Joe's Falafel
    I feel like people know about this place. Yet it doesn't stop it from being empty on a week night. The beef kebabs are the shit, and some of the best hummus in town. All at Zankou prices.
  6. Haché
    Burger spot in Silver Lake (originally from the OC). The Karma burger is awesome but the habanero burger is insane. Be prepared to have it melt your mouth though.
  7. Pita bar and grill on fairfax - best Mediterranean
    Suggested by @alibaron
  8. Rising hearts bakery - truly good gluten free bagels (and bread and bakery stuff but I only care about the bagels)
    Suggested by @alibaron
  9. La Fonda Antioquena on Melrose
    Columbian food. Their blood sausage is excellent.
    Suggested by @Suzanne
  10. Jeff's Gourmet
    It's kosher, tiny, and most likely packed with religious Jews but it's so good. Try the deli wrap with seasoned fries.
    Suggested by @JP