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  1. Work on it when you can
    Got a spare minute? Don't check Facebook while in a queue at the supermarket. Start getting through the backlog. Start with the ones you know are pointless from the subject line.
  2. Answer at a set time
    Make time to answer emails as they come in or schedule a block of time each day to work on them.
  3. Delete when you can
    If it's obviously not worth your time, delete it right away when it comes in.
  4. Make it short and sweet
    If an email requires only a brief reply, do it now and not later.
  5. Unsubscribe
    Do you really need or read all those newsletters? Try to make unsubscribing super easy.
  6. Give yourself extra time after vacations and holidays
    If you're out of the office, don't check your email. Enjoy the time away, but be sure to leave extra time for catching up on emails.
  7. Be decisive
    Don't send open-ended emails unless you have to. If a phone call or in-person meeting will reduce back and forth, go with that.
  8. Sack them all
    If you can't deal with the emails, archive them all. If it's really important, they will get back to you.