Adapted from Post by Andy Nathan provided by ( to Business 2 Community via content syndication.
  1. Create clearly defined goals
    "If you're unaware of your destination, it's impossible to get there." Once your goals are defined, create a list of tactics and actions that will help you get there.
  2. Audit your system
    Social media is always changing. Make sure you're keeping up with the changes.
  3. Create a content strategy that wows
    Solid content is one of the biggest factors of social media marketing. "Effective content strategies require a dose of creativity and a real understanding of the audience."
  4. Create community engagement and involvement
    Get your users involved.
  5. Practice social listening
    "It is vital that you listen to what your social network wants and then improve based on those ideas. Follow the market."
  6. Build a customer service strategy
    "While it is vital to listen to what prospects desire, it is even more important to listen to your clients on social media." Be proactive in your communications with them.
  7. Create something memorable
    Don't just follow the norm -- create a memorable experience.