It’s simple!
  1. Send them something sensual:
    7ef459c2 a661 4f92 a712 091ce98f6789
  2. Something that really says how you feel:
    8c43333b 3340 45eb 8f1b 4dd9956e4e8a
  3. Or really says what you want to do:
    Dd4b52a7 800e 4298 8896 79b5d9b958f1
  4. Don’t be afraid to get a bit colorful:
    249a1965 4d8b 4e32 8c22 c1c6ffe76f25
  5. Send them something so there aren’t any questions:
    2c0db5de 2892 434c 8df0 3700d72928c1
  6. So your meaning is not lost on them:
    B26024eb 2e94 479c ae40 6c68a73236a0
  7. “Thank you for sending that.”
    C59f600e 38a5 438b 9097 4840b925a7c6
  8. You know, something like that.
    E8c419cb 36a9 46b4 9edb 4cddbf85e3a2
  9. 😉😉😉
    2debfa20 3993 472b 9e92 22073ee269e0
  10. 😏😏😏
    C137e2a5 3f24 4da9 9a8b 0b1f6f31ae23
  11. 🍆🔪🍆🔪🍆🔪
    5d038cad 5801 4d99 8f5e 1f0836a53a36
  12. Again, be direct:
    F000cb57 38dc 4dfe 898d d8464c9c4599
  13. Something like: “How kind of you!”
    3c4fc259 25a0 46d6 b8b0 390b7a117d27
  14. “What do you I want to do? How’s this look?”
    357d7756 d46b 4ed4 ae81 3c952074b16c
  15. “I appreciate this gesture.”
    F11ff73b bb5f 40f1 a2f4 df35189b9a12
  16. And, of course: “I’m going to smash your dick with a hammer.”
    5ecee3ea 21b7 4684 bbae 17a098cae30e
    And bingo! You’ve got it. Big ups to and for the inspiration and paving the way on hot dog cutting dick comparisons.