Everything needs a place to park it.
  1. A shower caddy can keep all of your engine fluids in place.
    Mechanical liquids *probably* shouldn’t be rolling around willy-nilly in the first place.
  2. Create this bag dispenser so you can be ready for just about anything.
  3. Suction cup shower organizers can keep little items in place.
    Little people can make a big mess.
  4. Put silicone cupcake wrappers in your cup holders for easy clean-up.
    Because nothing in the world is as grimy as an old cup holder.
  5. You can also use a couch remote holder to keep everything in order.
    It also double as a seat cover.
  6. Make on-the-go meals much easier and neater with a plastic basket from the dollar store.
    Happy meals just got a whole lot happier.
  7. Keep your pet comfy and your car fur-free with this DIY seat cover.
  8. Get your glove compartment in order with a mini binder.
    “License and registration please.” *Breaks out color coded, laminated, alphabetized binder.*
  9. Expand your cup holder real estate with a muffin pan.
    That Starbucks order for your besties just got a whole lot more manageable.
  10. Create your own adorable and natural air freshener.
  11. Keep a kit of emergency items you could unexpectedly need.
    A little first-aid kit could be a big lifesaver on the road.
  12. Repurpose an old DVD case to create a travel sketch book for kids.
  13. Or if your kids are more digitally inclined, keep them occupied with a DIY iPad holder.
    Don’t you wish you could watch Disney movies while being chauffeured around?
  14. Get your bag to stay in its lane by tying a scarf around the passenger seat headrest.
    So when you come to a red light you won’t lose every lipstick, receipt, and pen you own.
  15. Take advantage of all that vertical space with a trunk shelf.
    It’s also the perfect place to keep dirty shoes after a big game.
  16. And to keep your phone in plain view, just use a rubber band.
    Because you can never rely on the passenger to tell you when a turn is coming up on the GPS.
  17. Shoe organizers can transform your trunk into a command center.