You know nothing…Jon Snow.
  1. Did you know you can use your soda lid as a portable saucer?
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  2. Or that fire doesn’t have a shadow?
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    Not usually, anyway.
  3. How about using a Dairy Queen sundae lid to keep your hand from getting cold?
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    Cool. Well, not cool.
  4. And what about this deceiving display trick?
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    “And here I thought it was just the devil’s work.”
  5. Did you know the hands actually move on an iPhone’s clock app?
    As long as you have upgraded to iOS 7.
  6. Surely most of us have been pronouncing this word wrong our whole lives, right?
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  7. Did you know you can unfold your takeaway box into a plate?
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    “All right, one less dish to clean!”
  8. And have you ever noticed that this logo is literally two people eating chips and salsa?
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  9. Or that Skittles secretly swapped out the green flavor on us?!
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    For the record, it was lime up until 2013.
  10. Did you know you can do a “bounce test” to check if your batteries are full or not?
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    Powerful information.
  11. What about this fruity tidbit courtesy of Snapple?
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    That info is bananas.
  12. Also, did you know that baby rabbits are called KITTENS?!
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    Side note: How cute is the word “owlet” too?
  13. Betcha didn’t know Starbucks in China has crazy-cool carriers like this.
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  14. Was this something that ever occurred to you?
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    Why would it, right?!
  15. Or how about this handy trick?
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    Much better.
  16. Also, did you ever realize how much sense this makes?
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  17. And finally, who knew that knowledge is actually overrated?
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