Grab a box of tissues.
  1. What I Wish Someone Told Me About Sex
    This video gets real about the emotional toll sex can have on a person.
  2. For My Parents…
    This touching video shows the struggle American immigrants face when acclimating to a new country.
  3. Getting Over the One Who Got Away
    This video describes just how difficult it can be to get over someone you’re still in love with.
  4. My Pill Journey
    This brave video talks about one woman’s journey coping with her own mental illness.
  5. I Am Not That Girl
    In this video, a woman describes what it felt like to never be “that girl.”
  6. Why Did You Cheat on Me?
    This video features a super honest conversation between two exes who broke up because one of them cheated.
  7. You Look Disgusting
    This beauty vlogger overlays a video of herself with the mean YouTube comments that have been said about her to show how harmful words can be.
  8. When My Parent Passed Away
    In this heartbreaking video, people open up about what if felt like when they lost their parents.
  9. What It Feels Like to Lose Someone to Suicide
    In this video, people talk about losing someone to suicide, and the devastating effect it has had on their lives.
  10. People React to Being Called Beautiful
    This heartwarming video shows the adorable, candid reactions people had when they were told they are beautiful.
  11. When My Pet Died
    In this video, people talk about losing their pet.
  12. Why You Should Visit Your Family More…
    This ad takes a shocking turn and will make you want to call your parents ASAP.
  13. People Read Coming-Out Stories
    In this touching video, people read anonymous coming-out stories.
  14. Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah and Juan
    You wouldn’t think a gum commercial would make you cry, right? WRONG.
  15. A School Choir Sings an Inspirational Song to Their Teacher Battling Cancer
    In this moving video, a school choir surprises their teacher with ““I’m Gonna Love You Through It.”
  16. I Survived a Suicide Attempt
    In this video, people open up about surviving a suicide attempt and their struggle with mental illness.
  17. A Blind Woman Sees Her Son for the Very First Time
    In this adorable video, a blind woman sees her newborn baby son for the first time.