~I love girls who look natural~
  1. "You wear too much makeup"
  2. "You only wear makeup because you're insecure about yourself"
  3. When dudes say they feel "tricked" by makeup
  4. Whenever someone says women wear makeup to lie to men
  5. "You look different without makeup"
  6. When someone asks why you buy so much makeup
    Can you not?
  7. "Girls wear makeup to impress boys"
  8. When guys say they prefer girls who wear less makeup
  9. When girls go on makeup pages and say, "too much makeup"...
  10. "You look different in real life"
  11. "who you tryna to look good for?"
  12. When someone tells you you're looking sick when really you have no makeup on
  13. "your lipstick is too dark"
  14. When you're wearing minimal makeup and and someone says "wow I love your makeup!"
  15. "Are those your real eyelashes?"
  16. "Why do you have so many eyeshadows in the same color?"
  17. "I love girls that go natural!!"
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    *shows me a pic of a girl who's wearing a full-coverage foundation with subtle contour, non-dramatic false lashes, matte nude eyeshadow and a nude lipstick*
  18. When my mom complains about how much makeup I buy
    Y'all should feel blessed.
  19. "Wow you wear a lot of makeup ... I think you would look better if you wore less eyeliner"