Choosing a restaurant involves a lot of online research.
  1. You get to eat the bits they pick out of their food.
  2. And it’s unlikely that they’ll fancy trying whatever you’re eating.
  3. Asking “what do you want?” when you go to get food always has a longer answer than you’d anticipate.
  4. Although in time you’ve practically memorized some of their more complicated orders.
  5. When it comes to anniversaries, fancy restaurants with limited menus are completely out of the question.
  6. You start to become genuinely upset on your S.O.’s behalf when they order food but it has their dreaded ingredient in it.
  7. So to eliminate this risk, they end up being responsible for deciding where to eat on date nights.
  8. And if 'you' choose somewhere, it will involve 'a lot' of online research.
  9. But you both have to make an effort to ensure you don’t go to the same place every time.
  10. Cooking at home proves to be a lot easier for everyone.
  11. But the first time was probably a little bit nerve-racking.
  12. No matter how long you’ve been together, you’re always finding out about food you didn’t realize they disliked.
  13. And sometimes you find them out through trial and error.
    “I didn’t know you don’t like carrots! I didn’t know!”
  14. Ordering half-and-half pizzas is the only logical option for you two.
    Rather than have them scrape the majority of toppings off.
  15. And when it comes to giving gifts, a big bar of their favorite chocolate is always a much safer option than getting a variety box.
    There’s a good chance they will dislike 75% of them.
  16. You know better than to use the “just try a little bit of mine, you might like it” line.
  17. But you know when they do try a new food it’s a huge deal.
  18. And when a new food becomes one of their favorites, it’s even better.
  19. Although it might just turn out they only like something when you make it.
    There is no rhyme or reason to being a picky eater.