How many have you tried?
  1. These maple bacon Pop Tarts
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    Maple bacon is all the rage right now.
  2. “Murasaki Imotion”: purple sweet potato ice cream with purple sweet potato chunks
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  3. Red velvet Oreos
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    BOUT TIME Oreos jumped on the red velvet train.
  4. This array of complex regional flavors
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    Intriguing, but boring.
  5. These bacon, buttered popcorn, or pizza Dum Dums
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    Lingering pizza flavor in my mouth? No thanks…Plus, if there isn’t any cheese that stretches before me, than I’m not into it.
  6. Salted caramel Pringles
  7. Pecan pie M&M’s
  8. Oatmeal raisin Girl Scout Cookies with Greek yogurt chunks
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    Greek yogurt. BIG idea.
  9. Peeps-flavored milk
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    Marshmallow milk. Huh.
  10. Roulette Doritos where one chip was significantly spicier than the rest
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    But apparently this chip caused a student to stop breathing. Eat with caution.
  11. Apple pie Kit Kats
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  12. Raspberry ice cream with marshmallow and raspberry swirls and dark and white fudge ice cream cones
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    So does this represent our disappearing atmosphere?
  13. These cheesecake Kit Kats that are also BAKEABLE
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    Whhaaaaaa?? Bring. these. to. the. U.S.!
  14. These café mocha M&M’s
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    Imagine melting these in a cup of hot chocolate.
  15. Toffee Girl Scout Cookies
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    I would devour an entire box of these in 10 seconds.
  16. Watermelon Pop Tarts
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    100% would try. 100% likely to vomit.
  17. Oreo churros
  18. Salted caramel brownie ale
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    Yesyesyesyes. I live for boozy ice cream.
  19. And the most epic of them all, RAINBOW Doritos!!!!
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    One of the few, but proud moments of 2015.