We paint the town red (and purple, and turquoise, and chartreuse).
  1. Just how satisfying it is to organize things by color.
    Finally, all is right with the world.
  2. The way that looking at anything ombré helps you chill the F out.
  3. The thrill you get when you open a new box of colored pencils.
  4. (Especially if they’re ~metallic~).
  5. The feeling of frustration when your friends don’t understand that these are obviously all dramatically different colors.
  6. The constant mix of pleasure and pain you experience when walking through an art supply store.
  7. The joy you get from seeing how colors look when they are untouched and pristine…
  8. But ALSO how beautiful they are when messy and blended together.
  9. The fact that choosing just a single color for any project is damn near impossible.
  10. The point when you start reading way too much into what each color is called.
    “Hm, am I more of a ‘retro blue’ person, or more of a ‘waterside’ person? Also, who gets to choose these names? But seriously, which color is more ~me~?”
  11. Just how impossible it is to pick a favorite color.
    When people ask, you respond with “Well, for home decor it’s this, but for clothing it’s that, and in general, I love these six colors…”
  12. And how when you do finally settle on a favorite color, you can’t help but want to buy everything that comes in that color.
  13. Like, everything.
    Edible glitter.
  14. The feeling of excitement you get when you walk into a store and realize that ~your color~ is a major part of their palette this season.
    RIP, your life savings.
  15. The way warm colors can instantly perk up your mood.
    Brush pens.
  16. And the way cool colors help you calm way down.
  17. And how anything gold makes you feel like you run the world.
  18. How fun it is to make old-school color combinations feel new again.
  19. How seeing gorgeous colors coupled with different textures gives you ~feelings~.
  20. How easy it is to get sucked into color-coded Instagram accounts…
  21. To find beauty in unexpected places…
  22. And to make your day just a little bit brighter.