We all remember The Office, one of the most beloved shows of all time. We all love it, right? WRONG. And it’s all because of one guy: Jim Halpert. He’s a life-ruiner and we need to talk about why. We need to talk about why "The Office" must be stopped.
  1. Jim Halpert will never give you an air high-five, and it was cruel of "The Office" to give us any kind of false hope that maybe someday, somehow, he would
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  2. Jim Halpert will never rush back from New York City, turning his back on a huge job opportunity, to ask you on a first date
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  3. You’ll never get to fall asleep on Jim Halpert’s shoulder
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  4. Jim Halpert will never do a dorky dance with you
  5. Or compliment you on your dorky dancing
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  6. Jim Halpert will never even CALL you a dork because LIFE IS UNFAIR and "The Office" is evil for making all men pale in comparison to Jim Halpert
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  7. Jim Halpert will never buy you an engagement ring the week after you start dating
  8. He’ll never propose to you in the middle of a gas station and somehow make that the most romantic proposal ever…
  9. And then gently cradle your head like you’re the most precious person on the face of the earth
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  10. Jim Halpert will never selflessly comfort you on your wedding day because you will never get to marry Jim Halpert
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  11. Jim Halpert will never carefully design a three-tier plan to ensure that you end up marrying him because he’s Jim Fucking Halpert and his love is unconditional and endless
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  12. Jim Halpert will never calmly, earnestly confess his love for you…
  13. …apologize for any inconvenience his feelings may cause…
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  16. Jim Halpert will never make you his famous grilled cheese sandwich
  17. He’ll never make you the most perfect list in all list-making history
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  18. You’ll never get to bond with him over your mutual love of cheesiness
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  19. Jim Halpert will never look at you like you’re the CENTER OF THE GODDAMN UNIVERSE
  20. He’ll never play sweet, loving, hilarious practical jokes on you
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  21. And you’ll never get to craft those pranks with him. NEVER
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  22. And when things get tough, Jim Halpert won’t do any and everything in his power to work it out and get you back on track
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  23. Because Jim Halpert is a fictional character and THAT ISN’T FAIR, "THE OFFICE". IT ISN’T FAIR AND YOU’RE A TERRIBLE SHOW
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  24. (But also, love you. But also, FUCK YOU.)
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