Adulting can be harder than it looks — so here’s some advice people wish they’d heard in their twenties...
  1. Spend less time on your phone.
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    Hey, it can’t hurt.
  2. Stop and think: Will this matter a year from now?
    Chances are that the stupid fight you’re having, the horrible haircut you just got, and that really stupid slip-up you made at work will all be distant memories by then. So, yes, you can freak out about them now, but try to keep a healthy dose of perspective about it all.
  3. Really enjoy your ‘family’ — whatever that might mean to you.
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    These are the people that support and love you unconditionally — whether they’re related to you by blood or not. So keep them close and show them your appreciation often.
  4. Write down what you want most in life — then regularly check in with that list.
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    Don’t spend a decade thinking these are things you’ll just get around to later. Start laying down some bricks now.
  5. When it doubt, do something you’d be happy to humblebrag to mom and dad about it.
    Whether you’re dealing with a friend situation, dating issue, or work dilemma, just aim to do the right thing. And would-you-tell-your-mom-about-this is usually a pretty good measure for that.
  6. Collect genuine, honest, rad people.
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    They’ll make your days, memories, and overall mental health way better.
  7. Travel as far as you can afford.
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    See the world. Or see New Jersey. Whatever your bank account will allow. The point is to get out and explore at this really fun, important time in your life.
  8. Learn to move on from mistakes quickly.
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    So you got fired, majored in the totally wrong thing, or spent six months wasting your time on someone shitty. It happens. To literally everyone. Take what lessons you can from the wreckage and keep going.
  9. Sometimes all you need to get through is today.
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    Literally do what you need to do to survive these 24 hours. Maybe you’ll feel better tomorrow. And if not, repeat step one. Here are some things you can do right now to feel better:
  10. Set out to learn something from everyone you meet.
    People are fascinating and wonderful and weird if you stop to listen to them every once in a while.
  11. Just go ahead and accept that you can’t make everyone happy.
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    You won’t win over everyone all the time, and that’s normal. Try not to get too hung up on that.
  12. Spend your money by doing things, not buying things.
    You’ll get way more awesomeness and memories out of a climbing course or concert than you will from that offensively overpriced bag.
  13. Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.
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    Most people — bosses, dates, colleagues, friends — will respect you more for having one than they would if you just agreed all the time.
  14. Have safe sex always.
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    That means getting tested, using protection, and asking your partners to do the same.
  15. Stop spending more than your paycheck.
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    Dealing with debt sucks at every age, but if you can start forming good habits — like saving 10-20% of what you make each month, or at least paying more than the minimum payments on your credit card bills — you’ll save yourself a lot of stress in your thirties.
  16. Stop putting off something that you’re not ~ready for~ yet.
    Like figuring out what a 401k actually is, going on that international trip, purchasing property, whatever. You shouldn’t feel pressured to rush into anything, but if you’re putting something off for totally arbitrary reasons, why not get started?
  17. Instead of worrying about getting old, get psyched about the process of becoming older
    First of all, you’re not getting old. You are getting oldER, which…yeah, that’s how time works. Still, complaining about how ~old and lame~ you are is neither productive nor fun.
  18. Invest in your body.
    Maybe that’s getting in shape, expanding your nutrition to more than just mozzarella sticks, or regularly making your own doctor’s appointments. Start now and your thirtysomething self will probably thank you for it.
  19. Be really fucking grateful.
    Don’t forget to take some time to think of all the really good things you’ve got going on. Even if that just happens to be free pizza at work, having health insurance, or dogs on Instagram.
  20. Think of partying in terms of ROI (Return On Investment).
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    Partying is fun and great and something you should definitely do if you’re into that. One way to do that without going overboard: think about drinking/smoking/staying out all night in terms of ROI. If it seems like it’ll be 100% worth it tomorrow/a week from now/forever, then that’s probably a party you don’t want to miss. If the return is super low — like it might be kinda fun but you’ll also definitely be hungover for an important meeting tomorrow— maybe sit this one out.
  21. Stop being so judgey.
    Don’t waste your time criticizing other people for things that have nothing to do with you. All that negative energy is bringing you and the people around you down.
  22. Laugh at yourself.
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    Life is complicated enough, so try not to take yourself too seriously whenever possible.
  23. And don’t expect the entire world to collapse when you turn 30.
    Because it won’t. You’ll still be you — probably a you that’s a bit wiser and cooler and more well-rounded — but still you.