These are real animals that live among us.
  1. Horrific snow monster dog
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  2. Balancing acrobatic genius dog
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  3. Studying for a very important midterm exam and cannot be bothered dog
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  4. Dog who is the object of this seductive cow’s affections
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  5. Chia dog
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  6. Master-of-nature dog
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  7. Dog with no hand who is very excited to get a hand
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  8. Farting dog
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  9. Cowboy dog
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  10. Giraffe dog
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  11. Delicious-medium-cheese-pizza-thief dog
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  12. Dog who actually has no idea what’s going on but seems OK with it
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  13. Festive rat-whisperer dog
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  14. Dog who dug himself his very own nap hole
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  15. Ready-for-winter dog
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  16. This sand castle
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  17. Guinea-pig-walking dog
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  18. Pair of shredding skateboarders
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  19. Boarding school student dog
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  20. Princess Leia
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