“This is my fight song, take back my lysol.”
  1. Ariana Grande, “One Last Time”
    I know I should have farted, at least I'm being honest. Actual lyrics: “I know I should have fought it, at least I’m being honest.”
  2. Major Lazer and DJ Snake, “Lean On” (feat. MØ)
    Butt kiss, fire a gun Actual lyrics: “Blow a kiss, fire a gun.”
  3. Silentó, “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”
    Ooh wash me, wash me Actual lyrics: “Ooh watch me, watch me.”
  4. Fall Out Boy, “Uma Thurman”
    Put your, put you f-f-finger in me Actual lyrics: “Put your, put your v-v-venom in me.”
  5. Selena Gomez, “Good for You”
    I'm on my farting carrots, I'm farting carrots Actual lyrics: “I’m on my 14 carats, I’m 14 carat.”
  6. Ariana Grande, “Focus”
    F**k, F**k, Focus on me Actual lyrics: “F-f-focus on me.”
  7. One Direction, “Drag Me Down”
    The shell of a man who could never pee his best Actual lyrics: “The shell of a man who could never be his best.”
  8. R. City, “Locked Away” (feat. Adam Levine)
    If I showed you my floors Actual lyrics: “If I showed you my flaws…”
  9. Calvin Harris and Disciples, “How Deep Is Your Love”
    I want you to breed me, let me be your heir Actual lyrics: “I want you to breathe me in, let me be your air.”
  10. Shawn Mendes, “Stitches”
    She keeps farting onto my knees Actual lyrics: “Shaking, falling onto my knees.”
  11. Ellie Goulding, “Love Me Like You Do”
    Love me like a dude Actual lyrics: “Love me like you do.”
  12. Rachel Platten, “Fight Song”
    This is my fight song, take back my lysol Actual lyrics: “This is my fight song, take back my life song.”
  13. Taylor Swift, “Bad Blood”
    Now we got bad butt Actual lyrics: “Now we got bad blood.”
  14. Skrillex and Diplo, “Where Are Ü Now” (with Justin Bieber)
    Honeydew, honeydew Actual lyrics: “I need you, I need you.”
  15. Drake, “Hotline Bling”
    I know when they're hot like me Actual lyrics: “I know when that hotline bling.”
  16. Maroon 5, “Sugar”
    When I'm without you, I'm smoking weed Actual lyrics: “When I’m without you, I’m something weak.”
  17. Fifth Harmony, “Worth It” (feat. Kid Ink)
    You see me in the spot like, "ooh leviosa" Actual lyrics: “You see me in the spot like, ooh I love your style.”