1. Gazing out over the prow of a ship and thinking Importantly of one's beloved
  2. Spending a small fortune to get one's beloved's profligate sister properly married and save the family from further shame
  3. Hosting a ball just for the excuse to dance with one's beloved
  4. Admitting to one's feelings as one begins to feel them
  5. Letter-writing
  6. Pressing a small token into the hand of one's beloved as you part, seemingly forever, your eyes large and dark with emotion
  7. Admiring the self-sacrifice of one's beloved for the good of her family even as one passionately wishes to save her from such a fate
  8. Riding a horse impressively across a moor
  9. Swimming in a pond in a white shirt that clings to you just so as you exit the pond with masculine grace
  10. Calling somebody a scoundrel
  11. Making plans and actually showing up to them
  12. Not dancing with someone because of their social class but then falling in love with them
    Suggested by @ella7