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  1. Pharma exec Martin Shkreli, who paid $2 million for a Wu-Tang Clam album, has been arrested on fraud charges.
    32-year-old pleads not guilty and goes free on $5 million bond.
  2. A friend of one of the San Bernardino shooters has been arrested. He bought two of the guns used in the attack that killed 14 people.
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    Enrique Marquez bought two of the guns used in the Southern California attack that killed 14 and injured scores more.
  3. We asked real scientists to explain the Star Wars universe. No movie spoilers, but lightsabers aren't possible.
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    No "Force Awakens" spoilers, just wildly speculative science.
  4. Massachusetts court: Catholic school can't refuse to hire married gay man
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    Fontbonne Academy in Massachusetts rescinded a job offer to a man who was due to run the school's food services after learning he was married to another man.
  5. After E. Coli outbreak, Chipotle is making big promises on food safety
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    The fast food chain has prioritized GMO-free ingredients, local produce, and pasture-raised dairy, but a serious food safety failing has introduced a new priority.