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  1. Kremlin says claims of state-sponsored doping in Russian athletics are "Groundless"
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    A spokesman for Russia's President Vladimir Putin says claim of state-sponsored doping in Russian athletics are "groundless."
  2. University of Missouri System leaders resign amid pressure from students
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    Students have engaged in a weeks-long student protest against university officials’ handling of alleged racism on campus. A tipping point came when the football team refused to take the field at an upcoming game if university president Tim Wolfe didn’t step down.
  3. Egyptian reporter and activist freed from detention
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    Egyptian reported and activist Hossam Bahgat has been freed from detention. He was arrested Sunday on suspicion of "publishing false information."
  4. Obama becomes first U.S. president to pose for an LGBT magazine cover
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    The president is on the cover of Out magazine, which proclaimed him "Ally of the Year."
  5. Cause of Chipotle-linked E.coli outbreak still not found
    Officials on Monday said they had yet to determine what caused more than 40 people in Oregon and Washington to become ill. Many of them had eaten at various Chipotle restaurants in late October.