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    Obama slams Republicans: It's "Not American" to only accept Christian Syrian Refugees
    After subdued remarks on Monday, the president tore into lawmakers who have said we should stop plans to accept Syrian refugees — or only accept Christian refugees — in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.
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    Growing number of states say they will not accept Syrian refugee
    Governors in Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, and Alabama have all said they will stop or otherwise oppose accepting Syrian refugees in their states.
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    “France is at war,” Hollande say, as he announces new efforts to fight ISIS
    “Terrorism won’t destroy the Republic, because the Republic will destroy terrorism,” French President François Hollande vowed in a rare address to Congress.
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    Paris attacks stoke fears of refugees, and that's what ISIS wants
    “States have understandably been scared to tackle this out of fear that it will fuel right-wing populists and Islamophobia,” one EU security official told BuzzFeed News amid reports that one of the Paris attackers had entered Europe disguised as a refugee.
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    Paris attacks raise questions about what French authorities knew and why they failed
    “We were expecting something. We knew it was coming,” a Western diplomat told BuzzFeed News.