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  1. French police conducted an armed raid early Wednesday morning in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis. Two people died. Seven people were arrested
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    Police conducted an early-morning raid in Saint-Denis, France in search of a key suspect in Friday’s terror attacks.
  2. Hawaii's Supreme Court suspended construction of a giant telescope on the Big Island's summit, the site of protests by people who say it's sacred
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    The Hawaii Supreme Court ruled 5-0 on Tuesday to grant an emergency stay that will temporarily prevent construction of a giant telescope on the summit of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea, which Hawaiians say is sacred and has been the focal point of a long protest.
  3. Two people died and about 360,000 were left without power in Washington state after a storm downed trees and caused mudslides
    Wind gusts of up to 49 miles per hour brought down trees and powerlines across the Seattle-area on Tuesday.
  4. Michigan State University sued for mishandling student sex assault reports
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    Four women sued Michigan State University on Wednesday for mishandling their sexual assault reports, according to a lawsuit first obtained by BuzzFeed News, saying the school’s investigations dragged on for so long that they violated the federal gender equality law known as Title IX.
  5. Explosion reportedly kills at least 32 in Nigeria
    The city of Yola, where the blast occurred, has previously been the target of attacks by extremist group Boko Haram.