4 for #CharityTuesday

We've been very busy with our upcoming projects at C4C Mobile but we're back again to highlight the amazing work that charities do for another #CharityTuesday
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    BRACE is a registered charity that funds research into Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Their role is to help medical science understand the causes of dementia, find ways of diagnosing it earlier and more accurately, and develop more effective treatments. Ultimately, they want to help science beat dementia. They raise funds through voluntary donations, sponsorship, legacies and fundraising events. They spend that money by supporting vital research and helping those affected
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    Revitalise is a national charity providing respite care in a holiday setting for disabled people and carers for over 50 years. Revitalise was founded in 1963 as the Winged Fellowship Trust (WFT). In 2004 WFT became Vitalise and in 2014 Vitalise became Revitalise. They currently run three holiday centres in Chigwell in Essex, Southampton and Southport. They currently provide nearly 5,000 breaks each year.
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    Seva Foundation partners worldwide aim is to create self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight. They are professionals, volunteers, and donors drawn to this work by the spirit of service, working with communities worldwide to achieve health equity--especially those that are vulnerable and economically marginalised. They recognise that spiritual and cultural renewal, economic self-sufficiency, environmental wellness, and medical services are all vital to health and communities
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    Just like everyone else, our children need a place to play, laugh and love life. A place where they and their families are cared for and supported. Rainbows is the East Midlands’ hospice for children and young people. Sadly, some children simply don’t live long enough. Since 1994 they've opened our doors and hearts to those children and the people who love them most. And now more than ever, they need your help to keep on bringing care and happiness to our children and families.