At C4C Mobile, we find we get full of that #FridayFeeling by the time we reach the end of the week, things get a bit more fun around here and we thought we'd start showing that off with a weekly list of facts that have all had us interested throughout the week.
  1. Smaller creatures experience time faster than larger ones
    Research has shown that small creatures, such as insects, actually perceive time faster than those of larger ones, such as ourselves, making us seem like we move in slow motion.
  2. The universe has a colour, and it's called Cosmic Latter
    Astronomers performed a massive survey of the light emitted by 200,000 galaxies and averaged them out, the result showed that if it was one uniform colour, the sky would be beige.
  3. Every time you smell a violet, you're smelling it for the first time.
    A Violet's scent comes from compounds called ionones that work by temporarily shutting off your scent receptors, forcing you to immediate forget the smell, resetting the receptors and you smell the violet again for the very first time
  4. Lobsters do not die
    Biologists have been studying lobsters for many years, all current research has shown that lobsters don't die of old age and continue to grow in size until an outside force kills them
  5. At C4C Mobile, you can turn a phone bill into a positive action.
    While it might not be the most amazing fact on this list; it is the one that we know to be true. We're less of a network and more of a #Platform4Change, turning bills into donations, helping people affected by Cancer to stay connected and even more great actions. Find out more about us an our website: