5 More Reasonable Moves Attorney General Sessions Could Make Soon

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department have come under fire recently for revoking Obama administration transgender bathroom guidelines, as well as speaking out against recreational marijuana usage. But that’s not all they have planned for the American people – check this out!
  1. McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast will be outlawed.
    Having breakfast “all day” dilutes the importance of the classic American meal of breakfast. Makes total sense.
  2. All word processing programs will be legally required to have IMPACT as the default font.
    Calibri sucks. No argument here.
  3. Every movie in the Fast & Furious franchise will be retroactively renamed to reflect the order of release.
    Goodbye, 2 Fast 2 Furious. Hello, The Fast & The Furious 2.
  4. By law, school shootings will be required to only take place on weekends.
    There are less people in school on the weekend.
  5. Blind people won’t be allowed to use public bathrooms anymore.
    Again, I don’t foresee anybody having an issue with this.