That look in his eyes? It's loneliness.
  1. 1. That time he noticed that it was a beautiful day outside and thought that it would be a good chance to work on his golf game with new buddies
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    Most likely, Pence has been trying to improve his golf skills ever since he joined the campaign in July. After finally perfecting the three-foot putt, he must have determined that he was ready to invite Donald Trump to play a leisurely 18 holes at Mar-a-Lago. But right when he was going to ask Trump, the President announced that he would be playing golf with the visiting Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.
  2. That time when he was walking towards the Oval Office with Scrabble and Steve Bannon took it away
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    This is from the moment after Vice President told the Senior Counselor to the President that he was going to invite him to join in since “Scrabble is no fun with only two people,” to which Bannon replied, “My friend the President doesn’t have time for your word games,” emphasizing the words “my friend.”
  3. That time he glimpsed a farmers’ market from his window
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    Recalling the markets he would visit on the Indiana gubernatorial campaign trail, Pence realized that he could just make out the tops of the tents by looking wistfully past the glass. According to reports, he suddenly snapped to and said to his aide, “Why, I’m the Vice President! I can buy goat cheese if I want! Maybe Donald wants to go, too!” But the President was not in the mood for an artisanal shopping experience, given that he had just finished eating his KFC bucket.
  4. That time he still hadn’t seen Arrival yet but didn’t want to go to the movie theater alone
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    Vice President Pence has heard great things about the film, which centers around the appearance of misunderstood aliens who are trying to contribute to a new land, despite their hosts’ suspicion and misunderstanding.
  5. That time he needed someone to talk to, maybe over a coffee or something
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    Much like other humans, Vice President Mike Pence has feelings and thoughts, and sometimes he just needs to discuss them with someone who might have some understanding about what he’s going through.