As bad as things seem... they could always be worse.
  1. His mother could have endorsed Rubio.
    She did say "the last thing we need is another Bush." But she didn't go quite this far.
  2. Someone could have redirected to an ISIS website.
    Isis logo
    They already redirected it to Trump's website. 1% less embarrassing.
  3. He could have softly cried during a debate.
    Sad jeb
    He's come close... particularly when anyone has mentioned his dad, his mom, his brother, his home state, or his poll numbers.
  4. Trump could have given him a wedgie on national TV.
    Trump tough
    Like a schoolyard bully, Trump could have walked over to Jeb's podium, lifted him up by his tightie-whities, and demanded all the money remaining in his SuperPAC. No one would say a word, besides Ben Carson complaining that he should get more time.
  5. Actually there aren't any other ways.
    Jeb fail
    Turns out there aren't 5 ways it could be any worse for Jeb. He is truly pitiful.