At a loss for words? Let us help!
  1. It's not that your opinions are so edgy that we can't handle them, it's that they're spiteful and dumb.
    The mere fact that you're proudly echoing bigotry means we don't even know where to start with you. It doesn't mean we are speechless at your brilliance and bravery.
  2. When you are so proud and so angry it makes it incredibly unattractive to talk to you.
    No, @NaziGoku, I don't think we can have a good faith conversation about how the Holocaust never happened but it should, and also that "White Genocide" is a real thing because you're still mad about an inter-racial couple from a Cheerios commercial.
  3. So, Twitter Nazis: you are fucking idiots. Evil doesn't make you strong, and it doesn't make you scary. It makes you repulsive and depressing, which I guess is power?
    Hey, at least now you have an excuse for why nobody likes you.
  4. It's okay that you don't know how to fight them!
    You're not made for this! You're a normal fucking human! Don't go to their battleground. Beat them where they can't go. Kiss someone. Congratulations: you just fucking burned them.
  5. They are the same Xbox kids who said they fucked your Mom.
    They didn't. And soon they'll exhaust terrible things to say. And then you'll see, in that moment, that they are terrible people. Their cores, projected out, are empty.
  6. Fuck 'em. But don't fear 'em.
    The weird part is, beyond their hate, they are no more powerful than you in votes or deeds. Their hate can't even protect them. The surreal irony of the second amendment is that you can get a gun and shoot them in the fucking head. It's America! Violence is bipartisan.