1. Hillary Clinton wants to be president.
    She wants to be president in the same way a drowning man "wants" to breath air.
  2. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, is adored and lauded by a wide section of the Democratic base (especially the sub-sections on social media)
    You may have seen something about Bernie Sanders on Facebook, oh, for example, EVERY GOD DAMN MINUTE OF YOUR DAY.
  3. It looks like Hillary will win.
    In her defense, it's always looked like she was going to win. But the margins have come close.
  4. The "Bernie or Bust" movement have promised not to vote for Hillary should Bernie fail to secure the nomination.
    Because nothing removed the myth of a petulant, over-coddled generation like morally relativist demands online, right?
  5. But there's real, serious good news for Sanders supporters out there: Bernie Sanders is being given a huge chance to write the Democratic Party's platform, for this year and beyond.
    This is a big deal. Sanders has elected Dr.Cornell West as well as a prominent Palestinian-Rights advocate to the DNC group to influence the democrats policy and platform for years to come.
  6. Look. If you like Bernie, it must sting to see him derided, mocked, and pushed out. But this is an enormous and productive sign that Sanders' policies will be relevant in the Hillary campaign and the Democratic Party to come.
  7. Bernie Sanders stood up for everyone. It would be wrong and ironic to build a cult of personality around him and not his policies and beliefs.
    A cult of personality, for readers, can be best defined by Donald Trump running for president on the platform of "I'm Donald Trump."
  8. Unity is less sexy and marketable than chaos and serious, principled arguments. But we should all be grateful that there seems to be reconciliation and advancement with the Democratic Party.
    Otherwise, you know...president Trump.
  9. Sanders will lose, but he won't be defeated.
    His policies will live on in the party and in the minds and hearts of the millions he galvanized.
  10. It's some good news in politics, man. Take it as it happens.