With the U.K. nearing a referendum on leaving the E.U., Europe is breathlessly watching the alphabet soup and it's implications. Cafe, meanwhile, has collected some arguments for and against the so called "Brexit."
  1. FOR: perhaps taking your ball and going home a successful strategy to a destabilized Europe.
  2. FOR: how could a destabilized Europe even affect you? You're on an island!
    You can hide from globalization forever!
  3. AGAINST: it's going to be a whole thing with the Irish now.
    Hard to argue for unity of a conglomerate of states after breaking free from a conglomerate of states
  4. AGAINST: Maybe cutting yourself off from both historical and contemporary European culture not the best call.
    Do you really want to be locked in with nobody but Russel Brand as your cultural voice?
  5. FOR: leaving European Union sends a strong message to the rest of the world.
    Nobody is really sure ~what~ message exactly but boy oh boy, you'll show 'em, whoever exactly that might be.
  6. CON: playing right into the Queen's wrinkled hands.
    Have you learned nothing from Game of Thrones?!
  7. PRO: Jon Oliver has flown too close to the sun.
    It's time to take him home.