They want an all White, non-Jewish utopia. You know, like Poland or Croatia is.
  1. Ever wish meme-obsessed kids would become Nazis? Then the Alt Right is the political movement for you!
    This is a cartoon meme of a guy who experiences "the feels" dressed as a Nazi. This is a political ideology people hold.
  2. Alt right twitter has a special interest in "cuckservatives", their term for Republicans who are insufficiently fascist and racist.
    From "cuckold." Nothing weird about this fixation. Nothing weird at all.
  3. They tweet like this
    From the proud man-spreader. Seriously. That's his icon and political stance. Racism and men's rights re: subway positioning.
  4. They are tough and cool and furious about Old Navy ads
    They are proud racists who aren't afraid to be politically or factually incorrect.
  5. This cool guy doesn't give a heck
    Auschwitz, a cartoon avatar and a batman quote.
  6. Something worth noticing is that they seem to have cartoon avatars
    Insert your comments here
  7. They're also really into Trump and Putin being white supremacist pals
    There's nothing homo erotic about this, nor is there with the term "cuckservative"
  8. It's depressing and weird and unnerving. Also, very weird.
  9. They love memes
    It's an odd alliance between mean weirdos who would be bullied by actual Nazis and actual scary "heroin-and-motorcycles" neos.
  10. They're aren't many on ListApp now so we can make this list! If there are, do not engage!
    It is deeply unpleasant to interact with them in any way! It is not worth it!
  11. It is gross and sad but being aware is important.
    Life isn't lived in a bubble. We have a shared responsibility for our country and world, and being truly aware of the awful challenges it faces is the cost of being brave and true
  12. Also,h there aren't that many of them
    The Internet has been a massive tool to bringing people together and empowering voices; a movement based on hate is diluted whenever people choose friendship, kinship, truth, bravery and love. Live well and combat this in the real world with thoughtful affection towards others. And maybe let your Republican uncles know that this stuff is real and bad.