This isn't up for debate.
  1. Even if you're not in the south eastern part of the United States, you know this region of the country is prone to hurricanes of various strength.
  2. As we speak, Hurricane Matthew (making landfall as a category 4 storm) is beating down on the state of Florida. Current trajectory has this storm going up the eastern coast to GA -> SC -> NC and then back in the ocean.
  3. Also problematic: Tropical Storm Nicole
  4. Could Hurricane Matthew collide with Tropical Storm Nicole?
    UM. YES. HIGHLY HIGHLY LIKELY at this rate.
  5. If you guys are in the path of this storm, please please PLEASE stay safe! Hurricanes are deadly and cannot be understated for its potential to wreak havoc.
  6. Look at the calendar!
  7. We are talking about a CATEGORY 4 hurricane in OCTOBER.
    Spoiler alert: its fall. Why is the Atlantic Ocean warm enough in October to even FORM a hurricane???
  8. Any guesses why?
    If you've guessed climate change, you passed!
  9. We are now living in a time where warm seasons are getting longer, which in turn prolongs the season to expect hurricanes.
    Global warming truly lives up to its name.
  10. This is also an election season
  11. We need to elect people to government that believe in climate change and will make effort to curtail this global issue.
    Yes, people do truly believe climate change/global warming isn't real
  12. Including this man
    Governor Rick Scott. The same man warning "this storm will kill you" doesn't care enough to ask "why?"
  13. Governor Rick Scott doesn't believe in climate change.
    How ironic, representing a state that isn't immune to tropical storms/hurricanes but noooooooo Rick Scott will side with the devil and tell you it's a hoax.
  14. Also worth noting Governor Rick Scott is making news in the Miami Herald
    Governor Scott doesn't believe in climate change and he sure as hell doesn't believe in human decency to give Floridians an extended deadline to register to vote due to Hurricane Matthew. It appears he believes in profiteering.
  15. The last day to register to vote in the state of Florida is October 11th
    Granted, many people have evacuated the state due to the CATEGORY 4 HURRICANE HITTING THROUGH RIGHT NOW, but who cares if many voters left town already?? Again, other concerns at play, but 😶.
  16. Doesn't Rick Scott understand it's only fair to allow extra days for people to register given the circumstances??
    Listen, we know it's a hurricane. There are other concerns. But it's definitely weird to say "nah" over what should be a bipartisan issue.
  17. Governor Scott got on tv and advised Floridians to get out
    But sir, you YOURSELF should get the hell out with your climate change denial nonsense.
  18. Thank God people were mostly okay.
    But luck is a damned poor substitute for planning.