Trumpochondria is the scientific term we just invented for an obsessive and worried fixation on Republican nominee Donald Trump. Are you suffering as well?
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    It's not your fault
    Many are alarmed that this moldy jackolantern from hell is a presidential nominee. Your worry—from the left, right, or center—is easy to understand.
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    Polls are not for every day use. Neither are hashtags.
    A sign of Trumpochondria is a repetitive cycle of worry and data that never gets resolved. Much like Hypochondria, it's important to break this cycle and return yourself to a healthy place.
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    Do not indulge in hyperbolic worry.
    Yes, the knuckle-fucking psuedo-fascists of the alt-right are the exact genetic inverse of a so-called "master race," but these meme-loving Auzi's are not the American people. They aren't even the bulk of Trump voters. Most trump voters just hate Hillary even more. It's helpful to remember that.
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    The math is against Trump. Even if Nate Silver is a cowardly fool.
    Yes, nobody predicted Trump's ascent in the primaries. But that was a 17 person race run like a circus against a field that counted Jeb(!) Bush as a heavyweight. The general election is a different animal entirely. Do you think Trump retains all of Romney's states ~and~ adds 64 electoral votes? Even if Trump adds Ohio and Pennsylvania and Iowa AND Michigan, it still wouldn't be enough.
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    Social media isn't real life
    For better and worse, the country is enormous. Arguing doesn't help much. Panicking helps even less.
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    So relax!
    After all, there's only a 25% that America as we seek to know it will end.
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    And a terrible president doesn't even mean the end of the country.
    Just saying