The U.K. voted to leave the E.U. in a shocking (and comparatively decisive)
  1. David Cameron resigns in disgrace.
    On the plus side "allegedly fucking a pig" is no longer he most embarrassing part of his political legacy.
  2. Only the racists are overjoyed.
    Nationalist groups are having a field day with the spiteful victory, leaving the millions of otherwise normal Brexit voters to wonder if maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all.
  3. Scotland and Ireland are totally leaving the U.K. Now.
    In a shock move literally everyone predicted, enormous political moves have enormous political consequences.
  4. The British pound plummets nearly 10%.
    This isn't what the type of weight loss Brits signed up for! Zing! But seriously, the economy is somewhere between "volatile" and "fucked."
  5. The "Leave" Movement is backtracking on promises.
    Turns out all that money Farage promised would be used locally is off the table. And the money saved from E.U. fees for the next 50 years was wiped out overnight from the pound dropping. But fuck Brussels, right?
  6. The youth, which sided 75% to "remain" had only *half* the turnout of other groups.
    Hillary Clinton would like to remind you that taking unexciting but obvious electoral stuff for granted can completely fuck over your country.
  7. On the plus side: the UK is free from an entangled mess of natural allies, favorable trade agreements, and unparalleled cultural exchange.
    All the more time to focus on their beans, gov'nuh.