1. Ron Paul, America's weird great-uncle, has moved on from the political realm.
    Presumably to yell at kids to get off his lawn where he buried all his gold.
  2. Gary Johnson, former New Mexico Governor, is representing the Libertarian party in the election.
    He narrowly won the nomination over George McAfee, an utterly unqualified man who is also batshit crazy. This makes him more successful than any Republican in 2016z
  3. Gary Johnson's political platform is very well positioned this year.
    As a libertarian, he is staunchly opposed to secrecy and deeply skeptical of foreign wars which positions him well agains Clinton. Similarly, Gary Johnson is egalitarian and anti-big Government in the "we're all Americans, don't be a dick" sense which positions him terrifically against Trump, who is basing his candidacy on White resentment and totalitarian appeals to raw power
  4. Trump and Clinton, meanwhile, are two of the least popular candidates of all time.
    Gary Johnson is a comparative unknown. But people *really* don't like he ones they do know.
  5. He's polling extremely well for a third party candidate without mainstream *or* social media coverage.
    He's often polled nationally between seven and ten percent which gives him a significant pulse to affect the race. At 15%, he's be invited to debate. He's gotten comparatively little attention online, especially when compared to the enthusiastic RON PAUL!!! coverage
  6. His stances, and those of the Libertarian party, have become more mainstream and common sense over time.
    He takes a "huh? Sure." Attitude towards gay marriage and pro-choice platforms—neither overly enthusiastic nor cloying—and his drug legalization views have proved popular in the mainstream population while being successfully implemented in Colorado and Washington. Similarly, his American isolationism predates Trump's and stands as far more reasonable and less venomous; "America first" with a sheepish shrug, not an iron fist.
  7. He won't win the election. But he could change it.
    Johnson polls incredibly high in Utah, where Trump is reviled. Similarly, he's well received in Colorado, where Marijuana legalization has gone terrifically. It's possible he could, with a focused campaign, win both states.
  8. Taking Colorado and Utah would have a profound effect.
    It would show a Trump weakness in the west that would presumably cost him the election while repudiating a hawkish Clinton narrative abroad. And, most of all, it would show a serious path for a Republican Party based more on small government, constitutional rights and prudence over racialized identity politics and hate. That would be cool, right?
  9. So, show this List to your cautiously Trump supporting cousin or uncle who isn't a total fucktard.
    There's a vote they can make that repudiates Clinton and Trump while showing strong support for the actual Conservative values they remember from the pre-Trump days. Like, uh, that Constitution thing.
  10. In the meantime, remember Gary Johnson: fiscally and internationally conservative, socially liberal, and neither of those two other ones.
    Finally, a candidate we can all say: "it's come to this? I mean, I guess..." about!