Cafe sent a reporter to Hoosick Falls, NY to investigate a water crisis and alleged coverup. You can watch it here for yourself:
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    Hoosick Falls, a sleepy New York town, has a population of 3,501. And it has poisoned water.
    It's a smaller scale situation than Flint, which itself was scandalously under-reported. But the facts remain similar.
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    Senator Marchione has been criticized for a cover-up by advocating a private task force to address failures rather than the far more public hearings.
    Here she is advocating to cut red tape to create jobs. Cutting red tape regarding the cover-ups of government failure isn't on that list, sadly.
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    Senator Marchione is a Republican. So why haven't Democrats capitalized on this in a primarily Blue state?
    Residents suggest everyone is under the thumb of Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic Governer of the state. Bipartisan corruption screwing everyone over—who says we can't get along?
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    The EPA pointed out the average safe PFOA compound is 2.08 parts per billion in the human body. Some residents of this town have PFOA rates well above 200.
    This links to variety of cancers and more. Above is the EPA guy from The Simpson's Movie. This is like that, but without Spider-Pig.
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    The government response—not withstanding the year and a half hesitation—has been fairly thorough. But without hearings, the citizens of the town have no real recourse.
    There's been little media coverage as well, partly because there's no pithy Game of Thrones comparison. This leaves residents with little leverage to force the issue.
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    That's where you come in!
    Watch the above video. Help bring attention to this injustice, if you're so inclined. And remember, real chance comes in a variety of non-hashtag forms: but awareness is a real start.