"A Patriotic Coloring Book," annotated by @ijeoma
    ...that's one way to put it / GOD BLESS AMERICA INDEED because this county is problematic AF and we are too nationalistic of a country to humble ourselves and truly respect very essence of what makes us Americans.
  2. "Celebrate America's Colorful History" - #ColoringAmerica
    I take issue with the word "colorful". It's a tad bit disingenuous to me....I think "racist" is a better word to summarize America's history.
  3. "In God We Trust" - (on US currency by an Act of Congress in 1864)
    #LETTUCEPRAY / Let's also remind ourselves that our right to religious 'freedom' is only advocated to defend Christianity. No other religion in American is perceived under assault as Christianity.
  4. "Liberty and Justice For **All" - Pledge of Allegiance
    * = patriarchy, Christians, rich people, white privilege, punk ass men like Martin Shkreli and Brock Allen Turner
  5. "Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men" - George S. Patton
    LOL NOT ANYMORE - women and people who identity as LGBTQIA have/are honorably serving in our armed services so this sexist quote can GTFO
  6. "Sweet land of **Liberty" - pastor Samuel Francis Smith (My Country, 'Tis of Thee)
    ** = racism, sexism, misogyny, trolls, Twitter eggs, xenophobia / How can anyone argue in 2016 that all Americans have liberty? As far as I'm aware, Muslim Americans are constantly living in fear of being victim to hate crimes, African-Americans are still gunned down due to the fact they're simply guilty of being black, women aren't free to go out in public without risking being assaulted/harassed for their sexuality...this list goes on.
  7. "The British are coming!" - Paul Revere
    I do believe the 2016 version of this quote equates to terrorists. Which is valid assumption but honestly...are we really to fear only terrorists overseas?? Shit we have domestic terrorists right here in America that are disguised as our neighbors. Think about it.
  8. "Let us die to make men free" - Julia Ward Howe
    WAIT A DAMN MINUTE / SPEAK FO YO'SELF / the devil is a lie before I put my life ahead of any man. Bless.
  9. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - President Franklin D Roosevelt