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  1. ...also booze.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  2. I try to be kind. I do my best not to bully the bullies. I focus on the positives. I'm not voting for the lesser of two evils, I'm voting for a candidate I love.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  3. I constantly remind myself that 8 and 4 years ago, a majority of Americans voted for a progressive, decent, experienced, and admirable person to be our president.
    And that that same majority still exists.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  4. I tend my own emotional acre. I be the best human I can possibly be to the people I love and to people I don't even know. I swear softly under my breath. I mop my kitchen floor. I make tea. I text friends. I brace myself for the worst possible outcome. I brace for impact.
    Suggested by @alligeeshow
  5. Turn off the news and escape into movies! Also I'm nurturing my friendships and refusing to talk politics anymore.
    Suggested by @julieann718
  6. I volunteer--knock doors, make phone calls--for Hillary and, more importantly, for down ballot dems. I talk to my friends about their hopes for the future and what our democracy means to them. After all that I feel more optimistic.
    Suggested by @llamaface
  7. Much as one does not look at the sun directly, I don't watch the debates live. I can only take That Guy filtered through comedy and/or memes.
    Suggested by @meganriordan
  8. I am failing. Constantly checking google news to reassure myself he won't be elected. Also memories of 8 years ago when I cried with pride as I left polling place.
    Suggested by @jannychan
  9. Gearing up for 2020, baby! Hillary vs Ivanka!
    Suggested by @michaelteehee