Running neck and neck against a despised and unqualified candidate, Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State, is blowing it. Here's how.
  1. Hillary Clinton is running as a woman. Major mistake.
    Women have historically low approval ratings.
  2. Hillary Clinton has failed to emphasize her trademark successes like...uh...child care?
    C'mom Hillary, bail us out here.
  3. Donald Trump, a man who bankrupted a mail-order steak company, somehow too difficult for Clinton to handle.
  4. Those damn Bernie Bros, probably.
    Bernie Bros!
  5. Clinton just isn't likable enough to be trusted with nuclear weapons.
    Trump says what he thinks! He's impulsive and ready to rumble! In no way will that backfire!
  6. "I may be unlikeable and shady but I'm not an evil, racist aspiring tyrant" isn't the best bumper sticker we've seen.
  7. The persuasive arguments of Trump supporters has truly swayed independents on the issues.
    Just kidding.