Let's delve
  1. There is absolutely *nothing* normal about Donald Trump being the Republican nominee in the real-ass world.
    Nothing is going to compare to that.
  2. However! To a lesser extent, it is amazing that John Kasich—the absolute perfect VP—will not join him.
  3. Kasich is the popular governor of a key swing state, who also gained prominence during the Republican debates as "the normal one."
    He's also a Li.st user. Hi, @GovJohnKasich! Fav this if you're down for an interview or a burger later.
  4. In a normal-ass election, Kasich would've been the VP pick of EVERY other candidate.
    A Rubio/Kasich ticket? Locks Florida and Ohio and balances youth with experience ala Obama/Biden. Jeb Bush? A Kasich pick puts the emphasis on Republican economics rather than unpopular social stances. Ted Cruz? Kasich is an olive branch to sanity, since Rubio would be too wounded.
  5. John Kasich was the absolute perfect VP for a sane party.
    A well-liked and experienced centrist in a swing state? A shop in.
  6. When Trump almost certainly picks Indiana Gov Mike Pence, you're going to hear a lot of tempered praise.
    It isn't a terrible pick! He's pivoting! He's a serious candidate!
  7. But remember: his best choice, the obvious choice, the fucking slam dunk wouldn't do it.
    And we owe him that.