Can Trump really win? Technically. But practically? Not really. (Also: make sure you follow us! Hooray!)
  1. This, based on current polling, is the University of Virginia expected electoral map.
    You may notice that Clinton has already won in a massacre. Deeper hues denote security.
  2. This is the more conservative NPR forecast adjusted to show states with less than a 3% lead as grey and undecided.
    You may noticed that Clinton has already won, again.
  3. This is the map using only the most recent poll.
    You may notice that this is actually the most pro Clinton map.
  4. But okay, Trump fans: numbers are for cucks. Random loud theories are what you're after.
  5. Here is the "White people aren't shit" map, which hypothesizes that predominately White states will flip colors for Trump.
    Notice something? Clinton still wins!
  6. Here's the "East Coast Sweep!" Map
    We gave Trump Pennsylvania, plus six east coast states he isn't supposed, AND NEW YORK and he couldn't pull this off without Ohio. Sad!
  7. Here's the "minorities love Trump!" Map
    We give back Arizona despite polling, plus North Carolina, Virginia, and even Florida. No dice without Michigan.
  8. Here's the "Ohio, Pennsylvania AND Florida!" Map, with special guest North Carolina.
    No dice.
  9. Here's the "okay, fine, everything but Hispanics" map.
    Nope! Arizona, Florida, and Colorado (really, 21% there) block even the "rust belt" strategy with North Carolina and New Hampshire there.
  10. Last, but not least, here is the nightmare map for Trump. This is the "polls stay the same, African-American turnout remains solid, and Hispanic turnout raises to approach it." map.
    Yes, that's a blue Texas. Assuming White voters are split as Polls indicate, Texas turns blue with a Hispanic turnout of 63% assuming a 88% democratic clip. Is it a stretch? Yes. But it's not unthinkable. For comparison, African American voters had a turnout rate of 66% and voted blue at 93%. Hispanic voter turnout alone can win Texas, and if the African-American vote holds at previous levels North Carolina and Georgia go blue as well. The result? Historic.
  11. Okay? Okay.
    Reminder: this promise depends on you voting, not just tweeting about it.
  12. Also: here's the "Bernie Bros burnt it all to hell!" Map.
    Bernie bros lose Clinton the Bro-centric swing states, judged by lacrosse rates. This gives Trump Colorado, New Hampshire and Arizona, plus Pennsylvania as swig states as well as much of the eastern seaboard including Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Damn Bernie bros! But Clinton would still win this nonsense map.