Our good friend @lvngstn has taken issue with some of our lists on Jill Stien. Here's why we defend them.
  1. First and foremost: as far as political extremists go, let's hear it for the Leftists.
    There are tons of legitimate critiques of Clinton from the left, the most pressing being her abroad hawkishness. You aren't crazy and you certainly aren't actively evil. If it comes to you guys versus Neo NEETzi's, we'll be with you. Granted, we'll be avoiding manual labor and such but still. We're with you, I guess.
  2. But c'mon: her?
    Her elected office experience is as a Town of Lexington Meeting Representative. She doesn't believe in vaccines. She just gave an interview to InfoWars today. Alex Jones' show.
  3. There was a loved, legitimate leftist in this election. One who held elected office. But he lost
    A lot of people are still heartbroken about this. We understand. But Bernie Sanders and a true left wing Democratic party can very well be the future of the party.
  4. Speaking of Bernie...he's with her.
    So is Noam Chomsky. Because you don't have to like her. Politics is about alliances and winning. Ideological purity isn't applicable to help the world.
  5. You know what the other option is.
    You don't need to see him. Here's a rabbit instead.
  6. Forgive us for being critical of fantasy Green Party candidates. But they've traditional only hurt democrats.
    2000. Nader. Florida.
  7. We're criticizing Jill Stein not because she's wrong but because it's childish to vote third party.
    You don't have to like it. You have a civic duty to fight evil in the most practical ways.
  8. But there are infinitely more serious Leftist ventures to take upon.
    Push for the Warren branch of the party if you're serious. Help elect democrat Kim Weaver in Iowa over Rep Steve King who supports the far right White Supremacist movement. You can act and do. But pragmatic decision making is serious.
  9. But talking about how your friendly chiropractor should be the president does us all a disservice when Fascism is on the march worldwide.
  10. The future may well be Left. But to get there, you have to do it right.