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  1. Monday, 6:30 or 7:00 PM: "The Super Live Show" with @dfly.
    Watch the Li.st superstar in action! Harass him! Facebook Live thrives on interaction.
  2. Tuesday, 6:30 PM: "Wildin' out with DJ Dan."
    Watch the deranged conspiracy theorist character fans are calling "huh?" "Bald" and "show us your head, baldy."
  3. Wednesday, 6:00 PM: "Popping Off" with @onlinealison.
    Watch fan-favorite Ali Segal talk pop culture—starting tonight!
  4. Thursday, 8:30 PM: "Down and Dirty with @olive."
    Superstar Li.st user @olive investigates a new topic each week. She premieres this Thursday talking Feminism and more with Strippers in Baltimore.
  5. Friday, 12:30 PM: "Let's Win A Pulitzer" by Alex Firer.
    Can't get a caption in The New Yorker contest? Try your luck with Alex's deranged (and fan requested) comics and portraits as he teams up with the audience for the most cutting and bizarre political cartoons you've ever seen.