1. This is the Crying Jordan meme
    It is plastered on losers, noble and otherwise, of all stripes.
  2. Seriously. It's everywhere..
    Where there is a defeat, there will be a crying Jordan.
  3. More than anything, Cafe wants Trump to lose. Less so for political purposes, but because we have jokessssss.
    Trump is a lot funnier when he isn't scary. And he'd be a lot less scary without nukes.
  4. Let him be nameless, reduced to a loser, tossed into the scrap-bin of meme history.
    How perfect would it be? If not only Trump lost but his roasting was irreverent, bored, indistinguishable from any other topic.
  5. It would be the perfect retort to Nazi Frog Twitter
    Let Trump go down wordless and faceless as a tearful, silent loser. No need for debate.
  6. Crying Jordan Trump would be the meme we deserve from this cycle.
    Think about it: Trump lives on Twitter, on dark corners of the Internet, not in policy rooms. His two biggest obsessions are being a winner and publicity. Can you imagine how funny it would be to slander him as a loser using somebody else's face? Somebody more famous than Trump?
  7. The election is in 100 days.
    We're waiting desperately, memes alight.