ListApp is full of secret corners and hacks. Allow us to introduce you to our favorites.
  1. The fifty dollar registration fee for ListApp can be sent directly to the @CAFE offices.
    Don't ask questions but it's very legal and complicated.
  2. Titling your list Xx420GifsxX is a hack left by developer @dev to enable God Mode and a thousand free relists.
  3. Did you know: a few celebrities have "hidden" List App accounts with fake names. For example: @ijeoma is actually Carson Daly.
  4. Fun Fact: ListApp was originally created by John Krazinski.
  5. ListApp is the only social media outlet your Mom is not currently on. Your aunt, however, is a huge fan of @joannfabrics
  6. ListApp is currently ad-free, even for wonderful Nestle brand products.
  7. The original name for ListApp was "The Facebook" until @bjnovak gleaned the plot of the Social Network through Tumblr gifs.
  8. You can get lists featured by the benevolent, gracious @Nicholas and @minhal, each an astute genius immune to shallow flattery.
  9. You can put "ListApp influencer" on your resume for the next four months before people realize you're full of shit.