After losing California primary, Bernie Sanders holds no legitimate path to securing the Democratic nominations. It's time to say something about the big picture. Stick with us. It ends better than it starts.
  1. So, first of all: Bernie Sanders is not going to be the Democratic nominee.
    Even if he won California, he wasn't going to win the nomination at large. Lost in the clusterfuck disaster of Superdelegates is the fact that Sanders suffers from a deficient of *unpledged* delegates and the popular vote. Losing California, long considered his long shot final gasp, means he has no legitimate "will of the people" narrative to sway Superdelegates. And, even if those delegates were evenly divided, he'd still clinch a loss.
  2. That said: there is still a tremendously bright future for both Bernie Sanders and his supporters.
    Sanders will shape the Democratic platform for years to come as will his followers—largely the young future vanguard of the party. The seeds Sanders have planted may very well blossom with or without him.
  3. Bernie Sanders' iconic message is based on compassion, care, and a more equal nation. That platform does not and will not dissolve without him.
    If you fight for goodness in the micro and macro—from tipping better, to volunteering, to fighting evil wherever it lies—there will be a future to believe in.
  4. Bernie Sanders only loses if you give up. If you opt out. If, collapsed in despair and false equivalency, you give up on your country and countrymen.
    You can't give up on good because of one election cycle. You can't give up your core beliefs. Take a rest if you need it. Self care is crucial. Preserve your soul. But remember: life is long. And Trump is real.
  5. Don't worry, guys. We have the next best thing.
    Hillary Clinton is fucking desperate for your support. There's no need to withhold it in bitterness, but there's also no need to concede your beliefs either. Make her earn it. Work with her and at her and around her for the world you'd like to see. You need nobody's permission.
  6. Climate change still encroaches. Rapists still are given more dignity than their victims. Flint, Michigan is still poisoned and income inequality remains at an all-time high. But there's hope.
    The hope lives in your bones. It exists because you recognize that the above is ~wrong~ and that hope comes into being when you put it in action.
  7. Bernie Sanders did a good thing. Don't let that good leave with him. Put it into action and make it matter. That good is real.
  8. Because the other side, that evil...well, it's real too.
  9. Make your vote count.
    Vote with your life, too. Vote with your soul and your kindness and your sincerity and love and money. Vote for the world you want. Make it happen as you can.
  10. You are stronger than you know.
    Don't give up. A candidate is smaller than a truth.