Look, we do political humor. But sometimes you need a palate cleanser from the awful horror of candidate gifs. With that in mind, here's some good political news of the week.
  1. Holy shit: the senate actually did something.
    The 1.1 Billion is well-short of the 1.9 Billion requested by Obama (and recommended by health reports) but you know what? We're going to call this a bipartisan win.
  2. You know who the hero was? This fucker.
    Seriously, Rubio borderline saved the day. He pushed this bipartisan measure through. The same "little Marco" bullied to the private sector actually did something good and important on his way out. I'll be damned.
  3. The House has tried to get a bill through for ~635 million instead but Obama will veto that.
    Whatever, though. I'm not even mad.
  4. Can we get back to how Rubio did something good?
    I'll be damned. Everybody's favorite sell out stood up for the common good. More cynical observers may note that Florida stood to be disproportionately affected but fine: he represented his state and his country both. Top marks.
  5. It makes me downright patriotic to realize that people can come together to do the basic-ass shit that should be assumed in any other nation in the world.
    It's been a fucker of a few months. In a normal world, we should've been outraged and obsessed by both this and the lack of Supreme Court hearings for Garland. Instead, we're captivated by a MAD TV sketch of a presidential candidate.
  6. Still, it's comforting to remember that the house and senate have power to help the common good and also prevent insane evil. And to remember that it isn't so hard for them to do it.
    Checks and balances, y'all.
  7. It isn't enough good news and it's borderline humiliating that it took so long. But it happened.
    We're short up for wins, guys. Take them were you find em.