1. Alt Right is a term for Neo Nazis online
    There's been a 650% spike in Neo Nazi web traffic directly coinciding with Trump's presidential bid. Super!
  2. They're internet savvy teens and young adults who want to kill or deport all Jews and minorities.
    Charming fellas. Very loud.
  3. You may recognize them as "guys with opinions on Feminism" and "guys who thought there was a grand conspiracy to censor their video games."
    They're enormous babies role-playing as Nazis, obsessively awaiting the global race war and murder of scheming Jews worldwide. Rebooting Ghostbusters with ladies really pushed them over the edge, huh?
  4. They're also a lot less scary when you find a selfie from 2012 amid their death threats.
    "Gas the kikes" to you too, sausage fingers.
  5. A lot less scary.
  6. The reason I'm posting these isn't to mock these "not exactly the genetic models for a master race" lookin' guys.
  7. It's because evil is scarier with the lights off.
  8. It's the same grotesque lighting that makes you fear the dark, or clowns. Frankly, it's the same angle as terrorists.
    Your imagination is always stronger than they are.
  9. But you're a person and so are they. And, forgetting forgiving morality for a moment, a well placed baseball bat can solve many problems.
  10. That's the real world.
  11. But you can't fight clowns at the circus, either
    Anonymous online forums.
  12. Don't be silent in the face of evil. But fight efficiently and well.
  13. Fuck clowns.